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30th January 2006

___ammo6:17pm: Gun + Gun = Bang Bang Bang.Collapse )

11th September 2005

novembercrisis8:08pm: Hmm..

Well it has been since forever. I thought i should say hello!

Oh, now people!

GO BUY THE CHIODOS CD! They are straight from the Flint LOCAL 432! Thats my local venue!

They are a great band. I about had a seizure when i seen that they had a cd in a regular STORE!


Ok thats all the news for now......

<3 Emilie

Ipod NANO!!!!Collapse )

Current Mood: So vindictive tonight....

15th August 2005

onusi12:01am: gun + gun = bang bang bangCollapse )

12th August 2005

novembercrisis8:11pm: made something for you guys.....

Banner...do you like?Collapse )

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28th August 2005

silent_pistol2:13am: mod
hey well as u can tell this comunity is gettin slow ...

so we need more ppl that r actually or resemble scene

this is and emo community so u have to have the look too

ill start makin banners if i can find the program

also stop promoting other communities plz.

so start promoting this one. we need more guys btw.

ill start signing on more so the communtiy will run more smoother and ya wont have to wait

a freaking month for a response ......

sry if this sounds blunt in anyway its like 2:30 or something

if any of u have a myspace id like the add =)


♥ julie

30th July 2005

Okay, so we all know that this is an awesome community.
It's kind of dead right now, though.

Questions for the members...
1. Is there anything we (the moderators and/or members) could do to make this community even better?
2. Are there any suggestions for themes?
3. Do people want to make any banners?

I have a theme for right now....Post a picture of your favorite cd. And also tell why it is your favorite Cd.

Thanks alot!!

<3 Your MOD, Monica

Don't forget to PROMOTE!
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29th July 2005

karebear_hugs_9:38pm: Gun + Gun = Bang Bang Bang.Collapse )
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3rd July 2005


Ok I feel guilty because since I've been accepted I havent posted alot... I said in my app that I broke my camara but its fixed now so here are some more up-to-date pictures of me...


Under The CutCollapse )

2nd July 2005

____willdeliver8:28pm: promoCollapse )

11th July 2005

silent_pistol8:12pm:  promote !!!!!!  we need new ppl . sry for the neglet from the mods part .

24th June 2005

____willdeliver9:57pm: JoinnnnnCollapse )

20th June 2005


Promote you whores.Thanks




16th June 2005

silent_pistol9:04am: mod
hey ppl well we need way more applications so its ur job to grab some banners and post wherever and wenever u can . and to our sister community plz hang some banners up on ur community . plz and thank u

9th June 2005

x__sundays_best8:18pm: MOD-post
Hey everyone! Well. I wanted to say thanks for applying and promoting!
This community is getting more awesome with every application.

The people that still need to apply are:

These People need to fix there applications...


falling__stars_(needs more votes)

**You need to apply and/or fix your application withing 24 hours or you will get deleted**
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